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BASIC PROFILEName Sato Raira (佐藤 來良)
Meaning behind name 'Wishing good things will come' (良い事が來ますように)
Birthday 2000 May 9
Place of Birth Nara, Japan
Nationality Japanese
Gender Male, he/him
Blood Type A
Big Three Taurus, Leo, birth time unknwon
Height 176cm
Ear Piercings two lobes on his right, one lobe on his left
Physical Traits snaggletooth, this one triangular shape at the corner of his lips when he smile, a mole on his right cheek
Likes perfume, accessories, hats, coordinating fashion, muscle training, r&b music (eg: DEAN), cats and dogs, colors (green, brown, gold, black), royal shortcake
Dislikes to be updated
Childhood Ambition To be a Mahou Sentai Magiranger
Friends DEEP SQUAD's Uhara Yuhi, JO1's Ohira Shosei おおひらいら (oohiraira)
Unofficial Units 2/3 Tapioca Brothers with MINATO, 2/6 KSIX with HIKARU

Sato Raira (佐藤 來良), also known as RAIRA is a member of the 6-member Japanese-pop idol group "BUGVEL". He is best known for being a participant of the survival show "PRODUCE 101 JAPAN (2019)", whereby he ranked 16th in the finale episode. His fans have affectionately named themselves "Raira's" (らいらーず, rairazu). He is widely associated with the animals deer and lion -- as Nara, his birthplace, is known for their deers, and that he resembles a little baby lion with his snaggletooth.Raira is a really sociable and optimistic boy who easily makes friends as seen on the survival show, and his lovely and earnest personality managed to attract many fans of different demographics. Throughout the competition, his friends have constantly expressed their support for his journey, some had also shared videos of Raira singing in a karaoke.


Sato Raira was born on May 9, 2020, and is from Nara Prefecture of Japan. As a child, Raira had always enjoyed singing in front of people in front of the KTV despite being shy. He only started to seriously practice singing since 1st year of high school after seeing people of his age earnestly working hard for their dreams of singing and dancing, though he started to hum along to songs since elementary school, singing along to songs that were being played from the car stereo. Raira started to aspire becoming an artist after seeing an EXILE concert to which his older sister took him to. He knew that this dream of his was hard to achieve, but he decided to act on it without hesitation.Prior to joining PRODUCE 101 JAPAN, Raira was a student of EXPG STUDIO OSAKA, whereby he trained in the vocal classes and was one of the top vocal students during the duration of his stay. While he was in EXPG, he was part of a vocal duo under the name of Ligh+Ü (ライトユー [raitoyuu]) with DEEP SQUAD's Uhara Yuhi who he is also close friends with. The two of them were selected as new personalities for EXPG Osaka's new radio program「EXPG RADIO OSAKA」around June 2019, and frequently performed together as a duo.In high school, Raira was part of the basketball club. He was then enrolled into a university focusing in foreign language studies based on his teacher's recommendation at Kansai (despite his best subject being Math). However, he had withdrawn from the school since April 2020.Raira had participated in various auditions prior to joining PRODUCE 101 JAPAN, one of which is the DEEP VOCALIST AUDITION that is held by LDH early 2019. Despite not passing the audition, he did not give up on his dreams and pursued PRODUCE 101 JAPAN, whereby he was able to showcase his talents through the many different stages.Raira managed to finish 16th in the finale of PRODUCE 101 JAPAN, the highest position he had ever gotten throughout the competition, especially since he was brought back for the finals after two trainees had withdrawn, allowing him to have a chance to participate in the finals after being eliminated as rank 21. He then spent a couple months back as a normal university student once the competition had ended and kept in touch with his fans through opening an Instagram account.On October 30 2020, Raira had shared with the public through his Instagram account that he was preparing to debut in the group "BUGVEL" with the stage name "RAIRA" alongside 5 other members, and they will be releasing their 1st Debut TUNE 「WARNING」in 2021.


2021年10月27日: 1st TUNE「WARNING / 彩雲」2022年03月30日: DEBUT SINGLE「bad guy」2022年06月29日: 2nd SINGLE「Heartbreaker」

Radio discography

2021年03月05日:BUGVEL WARNING RADIO (#1 深~く自己紹介!【HIKARU・MINATO・RAIRA】)2021年03月19日:BUGVEL WARNING RADIO (#3 番組に寄せられたメッセージに答える! 【RAIRA・KOSHIN】)2021年04月02日:BUGVEL WARNING RADIO (#5 BUGVELの恋愛質問箱【HIKARU・RAIRA・MAHIRO・GUNO】)2021年04月23日:BUGVEL WARNING RADIO (#8 インスタントカメラ企画!【MINATO・RAIRA・MAHIRO】 )2021年05月07日:BUGVEL WARNING RADIO (#10 RAIRAとMAHIROの個人コーナースタート!【RAIRA・MAHIRO・GUNO】)2021年05月21日:BUGVEL WARNING RADIO (#12 胸ギュン選手権!【RAIRA・MAHIRO・KOSHIN】)2021年06月04日:BUGVEL WARNING RADIO (#14 た~っぷりメッセージ紹介!【MINATO・RAIRA・GUNO】)2021年07月02日:BUGVEL WARNING RADIO (#18 バグラジ個人面談!【RAIRA】)2021年07月24日:BUGVEL WARNING RADIO (#21 この夏の目標2021!【MINATO・RAIRA・KOSHIN】 )2021年08月06日:BUGVEL WARNING RADIO (#23 BUGVELに叱られたい!褒められたい!【HIKARU・RAIRA・GUNO】)2021年08月20日:BUGVEL WARNING RADIO (#25 バグラジ夏休みスペシャル!【HIKARU・MINATO・RAIRA・MAHIRO・KOSHIN・GUNO】 )2021年08月27日:BUGVEL WARNING RADIO (#26 僕たちのナイトルーティン!【HIKARU・RAIRA・KOSHIN】)2021年09月10日:BUGVEL WARNING RADIO (#28 バグラジ秋の大クイズ大会!【MINATO・RAIRA・MAHIRO】)2021年09月17日:BUGVEL WARNING RADIO (#29 バグラジ秋の大クイズ大会!【HIKARU・MINATO・RAIRA・MAHIRO・KOSHIN・GUNO】)2021年09月24日:BUGVEL WARNING RADIO (#30 じっくりメッセージ紹介! 【HIKARU・MINATO・RAIRA】)2021年10月08日:BUGVEL WARNING RADIO (#32 「はぁって言うゲーム」に挑戦!【HIKARU・RAIRA・MAHIRO】)2021年10月27日:BUGVEL WARNING RADIO (#特別編「WARNING」「彩雲」リリースされました~!【HIKARU・MINATO・RAIRA・MAHIRO・KOSHIN・GUNO】)2021年10月29日:BUGVEL WARNING RADIO (#35 「もうすぐハロウィン!【MINATO・RAIRA・GUNO】)2021年11月12日:BUGVEL WARNING RADIO (#37 メッセージたくさん読むよ~!【HIKARU・RAIRA・GUNO】)2021年11月26日:BUGVEL WARNING RADIO (#39 新しいジングル作っちゃうぞ~!【RAIRA・MAHIRO・KOSHIN・GUNO】)2021年12月10日:BUGVEL WARNING RADIO (#41 BUGVELのトリセツ作っちゃうぞ!【MINATO・RAIRA・MAHIRO】)2021年12月31日:BUGVEL WARNING RADIO (#44 年賀状書いちゃうぞ!【MINATO・RAIRA・MAHIRO】)2022年01月14日:BUGVEL WARNING RADIO (#46 ゆる~っとメッセージ紹介!【MINATO・RAIRA】)2022年01月28日:BUGVEL WARNING RADIO (#48 メッセージ紹介&わんこメッセージチャレンジ!【MINATO・RAIRA】)2022年02月04日:BUGVEL WARNING RADIO (#49 メッセージ紹介&MAHIROのバグラジお悩み保健室!【RAIRA・MAHIRO】)2022年03月05日:BUGVEL WARNING RADIO (#53 ついに!あのゲームをやる時が来た!!【RAIRA・KOSHIN】)2022年03月18日:BUGVEL WARNING RADIO (#55 メッセージ読むよ~!【MINATO・RAIRA・GUNO】)2022年04月01日:BUGVEL WARNING RADIO (#57 「bad guy」ついにリリース!【RAIRA・MAHIRO・GUNO】)2022年04月08日:BUGVEL WARNING RADIO (#58 「カタカナーシ」に挑戦!【MINATO・RAIRA・KOSHIN】)2022年04月10日:BUGVEL WARNING RADIO (デビューショーケース スペシャル!大阪公演【RAIRA・MAHIRO】)2022年04月29日:BUGVEL WARNING RADIO (#61 どんどんメッセージ紹介&お悩みバグラジ保健室【RAIRA・GUNO・MAHIRO】)2022年05月06日:BUGVEL WARNING RADIO (#62 ワードウルフにチャレンジ!&メッセージ紹介【MINATO・RAIRA・KOSHIN】)2022年05月13日:BUGVEL WARNING RADIO (#63 メッセージ紹介&MAHIROの絶対大丈夫マン!【RAIRA・MAHIRO・KOSHIN】)2022年06月03日:BUGVEL WARNING RADIO (#66 「Dream Gate 01」の裏話&RAIRAのお悩みバグラジ保健室! ゲスト:ORβIT・JUNE【RAIRA】)


2019年: PRODUCE 101 JAPAN2022年04月24日:SPACE SHOWER TV PLUS『BUGVEL~The Beginning~』

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